Download Casinos


Want to maximize your casino gaming experience? There's nothing more satisfying than having a download casino straight to your device. Installing a casino app into a desktop or laptop can give players several advantages during the game.


What is a Download Casino?

Before going through the benefits of a download gaming site, it makes sense to define it first. A download casino, as its name suggests, is a type of gaming site that is already installed or accessible directly in a player's PC. This is different from instant play wherein casino games are accessed using a web browser with flash player enabled.

To start playing a downloaded gaming site, players need to sign up in the casino and click the download button to get a copy of the .exe file such as download software. This installer file should be executed and run to completely install the casino on the hard disk of the machine. Players must agree to the terms and agreement, if prompted during the installation. Once the installation is finished, a shortcut icon will be displayed in desktop which players can easily click to launch the casino app.


Download Casino Benefits

Players of download casino can enjoy better graphics compared to its no-download counterpart. This is because the installer of the casino site can support more graphics than what an instant play version can hold. In relation to a downloadable casino capacity, it can also house a larger number of casino games. Plenty of options await the players of download software. There are various themed slot machines, card tables such as blackjack, poker, and baccarat that are featured in the installed casino.

Another advantage of a downloaded gaming site is its faster speed. Since the instant play takes longer time to connect to load the game through the internet, the download casino works way faster. It calls the games using the cached information that already exist on the PC.

You can also play with real money with download software. The app allows players to deposit money in a convenient way. At the same time, any winnings from the downloaded gaming site can also be easily taken home as you please.

The best part of having a download casino is that it is available for free. Anyone can simply deploy the gaming site on their preferred platform, compatible with most of Windows operating systems. No payment is required to start playing on a download casino. In fact, players can also try free games in this casino app. They may opt to test drive the demo versions first before betting with real money on the games they desire.


Download Casino vs Instant Play

Both the download app and instant play are frequently offered in a casino site. They have their own pros and cons. Some players also opt for the no download version to avoid slowing down their computers because of consumed disk space. Those who never own a desktop and just borrow other's machine can take advantage of instant play because there's no application to be downloaded. They can still play the game with just a web browser.

Despite all these, many players are still choosing to keep a copy of their favored casino game like download software. Not just because of the high quality games or attractive bonuses and rewards, but it is also because of the reliable customer support service in download casino. Players may reach the customer support using the installed app as it displays toll free phone number, email address, and live chat.